Important Trekking Tips for Beginners

If you are planning a trekking in Sikkim, then you need to follow some guidelines. Being a beginner, you have got no experience in trekking events. Thus it is necessary to avail as much information as you can. Below here, some important tips have been described keenly. Just go through them and try to follow as many as you can.


  • Pack your Bag keenly –

Buy a bag which has good back support, so that it won’t create trouble while climbing those high ascents. Your backpack must include tent, sleeping bag, trekking shoes, track pants, jackets, cotton t-shirts, socks, kneecaps, Flash LED light, Camera, knife, rope, lighter, sunglasses, water bottle, deodorant, toothpaste, sanitizer, newspapers, tissues, compass, etc. Make sure that, the backpack is not that heavy to carry.

  • Don’t go out of your comfort –

You need to remember that trekking is not a race, and here you are not for running. No award will be given if you will reach the destination earlier. When you are on a trek, you need to manage the situations with good patience. First, you need to see the comfort of your body. If you need a break after every half KM, then go for it. Don’t hesitate to take the breaks, or else your muscles will start to stretch out.

  • Drink as much water as you can –

It is very necessary to carry as much water as you can. If you are on a trek and feeling thirsty, then that’s not a good sign. You need to stay hydrated all the time, as the body is continuously losing energy. It has been observed that, dehydration can lead to typical health issues on the trek, so never underestimate the value of water on the trek. It is also recommended to carry some energy bars, as they will help you to boost up your energy level during the treks.

  • Check the weather and flow of wind –

Mainly, when you are trekking at a higher altitude, it is necessary to make the moves as per the flow of wind. Sometimes the weather changes its colour in the high altitudes, which can create trouble for you. In case, you are trapped in a heavy rainfall; it is recommended to set your tent at a safe place and to wait inside your tent. To avoid any weather-related issues, check the weather forecast before starting your trek.

Before starting the trek, you need to avail necessary permission from different departments like tourism, forest, and local police station.