Top 10 Interesting Facts about Kashmir

Everyone knows that Kashmir is synonymous with majestic mountains and impressive natural meadows. However, there is much more to Kashmir than most of us know about. Learn some interesting facts about the state before choosing the best-suited Kashmir tour packages.

Kashmir is symbolic of verdant greenery and expansive deep valleys and houses some of the most colorful fields of the flower. Let us check the top 10 interesting facts about Kashmir:

1. Paradise on Earth

Kashmir has been historically known as a ‘Paradise on Earth’ and even ‘Field of Meadows’ by most of us.

The name was first given by the initial Mughal Emperor, Chagatai Turkic, who was immensely impressed by the region’s natural beauty.


2. Multi-ethnic society

Kashmir is home to mainly three ethnic groups – Muslims, Hindus, and Buddhist.

However, the social fabric of the region had held strong when the rest of the nation was in ethnical turmoil during the past ages.

3. Fantastic folk traditions

Kashmir, as much as it is renowned for its natural beauty, is also popular for its intricate and cozy traditions and dances.


There are numerous popular folk dances of the state, including Hafiza, Rouf and Bacha Nagma. Rouf is mainly performed by women, on special occasions and festivals, while Hafiza is a solely wedding dance.

4. Variety of Valleys

Kashmir, along with its sister state Jammu, has immense numbers of small and large valleys.


Some of the most impressive valleys, promoted in top Kashmir tour packages include the Chenab valley, Tawi valley, Sindh valley and the Poonch valley.

5. Land of Mountains

Kashmir, as mentioned earlier, is synonymous with majestic mountains. Bordered by the most massive Great Himalayan Range into the East to the Pir Panjal mountain range in the West, the state provides enormous opportunities for mountain climbers.

land of mountain

Kashmir has the worldwide popular K2, which is one of the highest peaks in the world, and also the second highest mountain, the Mount Godwin Austen.

6. Also known as

Kashmir has been called many beautiful things, all in praise of the incomparable beauty and majesty witnessed by travelers.


The top popular alternative names that Kashmir is called by are “Switzerland of Asia” and “Nature’s Show Window.”

7. God’s Gift to Asia

Due to its immensely diverse biological ecosystems, Kashmir is renowned as Nature’s gift to Asia. The impressive and expansive fields of flowers, bordered by immense mountains with snow-capped peaks provide a breathtaking view at every turn in the valleys.

8. Place of Pilgrimage

Kashmir is one of the most popular pilgrimage destinations for Hindus and Muslims alike. The Mata Vaishno Devi temple situated atop the mountains of Trikuta, is one of the popular dhams which is revered by people of Hindu faith.


The Hazratbal Shrine is one of the most popular shrines for Sufi saints in India, visited by thousands of devotees each year.

9. Literate state

Kashmir holds the distinction as being one of the few states in India with remarkably higher literacy rate.

According to reliable sources, the rate of literacy in Kashmir far surpasses that in the rest of India, and even Pakistan.

10.  Tourist Hotspots

Kashmir is undoubtedly one of the top tourist destinations for Indians, and foreign tourists alike.

tourist places

It offers an impressive range of tourist activities, from nature walks and trekking through its lush fields of flowers to the more adventurous mountains climbing and water skiing.

 Choose the best Kashmir tour packages now and enjoy the breathtaking natural wonders of the state.

Experience these Amazing Adventure Sports in Ladakh

Ladakh offers something for everyone. For the lone riders, it offers an extensive number of roads that are isolated and memorable to ride. For the thrill seekers, there is an extensive number of adventure sports on offer in Ladakh.

So if you are the adrenaline lover, make sure your Ladakh tour packages offer you the chance to experience these amazing adventure sports in Ladakh:

Bike Riding

motor bike photo

By far the top tourism activity in all of Ladakh, riding on a powerful motorcycle on the exquisite roads in Ladakh is said to be an experience that lasts a lifetime. The rugged terrain of the region allows you to test your riding skills to the max and is often a test of self-endurance for many.

Outdoor Camping

outdoor camping

Ladakh offers one of the best locations for nature lovers to get closer to Mother Nature. Imagine sleeping under a canopy of twinkling starlight, undisturbed by anything. The whole of Ladakh is at an average altitude of 11,500 ft, which makes the camping spots truly breathtaking in terms of the individual views they provide.

Camel Safari

Strange as it may sound, the double-humped Bactrian camel is one of the best ways to explore this lunar-like terrain. The camel safari is a top attraction in most Ladakh tour packages that include a visit to the increasingly famous Nubra Valley.

camel safari

Ride the dual-humped camel and experience the unique vista offered by the rugged mountains on one side and the wide expansive valley on the other, on this safari.

Quad Bike Riding on Sand Dunes

Quad Bike Riding on Sand Dunes

One of the most thrilling tourist activities in Ladakh, quad bike riding is one of the most popular attractions of the Nubra Valley too. This paradise for adventure lovers offers an expansive and almost flat vista to rush on four wheels as the wind whips your hair.

River Rafting

river rafting

Undoubtedly, one of the most thrilling adventure activities in Ladakh, river rafting in the Zanskar is increasingly becoming popular. The winding river takes you through deep valleys bordered by majestic mountains, narrow gorges and versatile obstacles that test your rafting skills and gives you a rush of adrenaline.



The Chadar Trek is by far one of the most popular winter treks all around the world. The trekking route is set on a thin sheet of ice which takes you through some of the most breathtaking sceneries in the world. The winter cold freezes the Zanskar river, making it one long winding sheet of pure ice, thus giving its name, Chadar Trek.

Mountain Biking

If adventure sports you are after, then the land of mountains offers some of the best and most thrilling routes for bicycle riders. Pedal your way through mesmerizing scenery and experience the beauty of Ladakh at the pace of historical nomads that populated this region.

Mountain biking, Himalaya

To enjoy a thrilling and memorable time in Ladakh with numerous adventure sports, always make sure to book your Ladakh tour packages from renowned tours and travel agencies.

Important Trekking Tips for Beginners

If you are planning a trekking in Sikkim, then you need to follow some guidelines. Being a beginner, you have got no experience in trekking events. Thus it is necessary to avail as much information as you can. Below here, some important tips have been described keenly. Just go through them and try to follow as many as you can.


  • Pack your Bag keenly –

Buy a bag which has good back support, so that it won’t create trouble while climbing those high ascents. Your backpack must include tent, sleeping bag, trekking shoes, track pants, jackets, cotton t-shirts, socks, kneecaps, Flash LED light, Camera, knife, rope, lighter, sunglasses, water bottle, deodorant, toothpaste, sanitizer, newspapers, tissues, compass, etc. Make sure that, the backpack is not that heavy to carry.

  • Don’t go out of your comfort –

You need to remember that trekking is not a race, and here you are not for running. No award will be given if you will reach the destination earlier. When you are on a trek, you need to manage the situations with good patience. First, you need to see the comfort of your body. If you need a break after every half KM, then go for it. Don’t hesitate to take the breaks, or else your muscles will start to stretch out.

  • Drink as much water as you can –

It is very necessary to carry as much water as you can. If you are on a trek and feeling thirsty, then that’s not a good sign. You need to stay hydrated all the time, as the body is continuously losing energy. It has been observed that, dehydration can lead to typical health issues on the trek, so never underestimate the value of water on the trek. It is also recommended to carry some energy bars, as they will help you to boost up your energy level during the treks.

  • Check the weather and flow of wind –

Mainly, when you are trekking at a higher altitude, it is necessary to make the moves as per the flow of wind. Sometimes the weather changes its colour in the high altitudes, which can create trouble for you. In case, you are trapped in a heavy rainfall; it is recommended to set your tent at a safe place and to wait inside your tent. To avoid any weather-related issues, check the weather forecast before starting your trek.

Before starting the trek, you need to avail necessary permission from different departments like tourism, forest, and local police station.

Things to Consider Before Applying for Personal Loan Balance Transfer

While you are paying of your personal loan with high interest rates, somebody else is paying off their loan with much less interest rates. Now wouldn’t it be just great if your bank suddenly drops the interest rate too? Well, that is not going to happen, but what you can do is, go for personal loan balance transfer. You probably would have seen this type of schemes from various banks like Axis balance transfer and HDFC balance transfer, with offering much less interest rates as compared to your bank. There are various factors to keep in mind, because it is not as simple as it seems.

What exactly does Personal Loan Balance Transfer means?

Personal loan transfer translates to simple balance transfer like any other balance transfer facility out there and balance transfer simply means transfer any kind of debt amount from one bank to another. After the paperwork is done, you would pay credit card amount and loan EMIs to the other bank and the rate of interest and other charges will be paid according to new bank’s policy.

Factors to consider if you are planning to apply for a personal loan balance transfer.

Take note of that processing fees

Most of the banks a pre-closer penalty, which is equals to 1 to 3% of the principal amount which is due to the new bank or the amount which is being transferred. This fee is mainly charged because the entire loan amount is payed off by your current bank before the tenure period. So, factor in this cost before taking the decision of balance transfer.

Factor in all the aspects of the deal– You cannot just think of the small term benefits, you have to also look at the long term cost which you will paying and then decide is it worth it to switch to a new lender or not. The introductory offers will definitely be more attractive like lower EMIs and 0% transfer fee, etc.

Take a look at that small print– A bank’s policy have all the small details including miscellaneous charges, as it is demanded by the law. So, before agreeing to the terms and condition, duly read the fine print and then agree.

Analyze other benefits too– Many banks are really aggressive towards providing these offers as they want to expand their consumer base, so in order to make that happen they offer other additional benefits, like free credit cards or accidental insurance for your personal benefit. Analyze these schemes too, before making any kind of decision.

In conclusion, it is essential for you to consider all the pointers mentioned above and may be even take someone’s advice who is good with loans and numbers.

Rajasthan – Travel Mementoes

Souvenirs and gifts are an integral part of any travel experience. They not only serve as a valid excuse to scour the popular and offbeat shopping areas of your travel destination, but also bring back fond memories of the visit quite vividly as well! Rajasthan is literally a treasure trove of souvenirs that can leave visitors spoilt for choice.  Irrespective of the souvenir or gift you choose, you carry home a piece of the intricate craftsmanship of local artisans!


Rajasthan – Souvenir Choices

Gift and keepsake choices include but definitely are not limited to:

  • Brass Items
  • Silver Jewellery with semi precious / precious stones
  • Leather Items (small musical instruments)
  • Pottery (embellished or painted)
  • Spices
  • Paintings (miniatures, wall hangings)
  • Carved wooden jewel or bangle boxes with brass inlay
  • Sandalwood /Marble / Terrcota figurines
  • Cloth Puppets or Kathputhlis which add a splash of color to any space
  • Traditional embroidered footwear

Do make sure to ensure that the items aren’t too heavy to lug back home!

Mementos – Where to Shop?

Shopping at the local bazaars can prove quite challenging and probably a great place to test your bargaining skills. It is important keep an eye out for fakes, especially when shopping for Pashmina items.

Government Craft Emporiums and several private craft stores stock a variety of colorful trinkets, carpets, scarves and ethnic handloom fabric. Though the quality of items definitely is superior, the prices can get way expensive. Here are some shopping markets where tourists can manage to get a choice of quality artefacts at affordable prices as well.

Jaipur is a great shopping destination with a wide choice of local merchandise. The Johri bazar features exquisite pieces of jewellery embedded with colorful stones both precious and semiprecious varieties. Handmade jewellery especially those with warranty make a good buy, even if you may not really avail the warranty!  Bapu Bazar houses the best collection of souvenirs from Razais to Katputhlis, and literally is a one-stop-shop for affordable mementos. Markets at Kishanpol and Chandanpol are also worth exploring.

Shopping in Jaisalmer is equally exciting, with the Sadar Bazar being a popular destination for souvenirs. Great choice of memorabilia from wooden artefacts and fabric to jewellery and leather goods at whole prices ensure a good deal. Bhatia Bazar and Pansari Bazar and other shopping areas also feature ethnic collectibles. Silver jewellery and traditional footwear made from camel leather are best buys in Jaisalmer.

Jaisalmer Tour Packages

Jodhpur is equally famous for traditional shoes and Bandhej items.  Flavored-tea and spices are best picks at the Clock Tower Market, while the region’s signature tie and die (Bhandani) clothes are a must-buy from Nai sarak market here.  Sojati Gate Market and Mochi Bazar are also popular shopping areas with a great collection of ethnic items. Camel leather footwear reportedly is also available at few shops at Jodhpur Fort.

Udaipur has a rich collection of ethnic items that make great gifts or keepsakes. Bada Bazar in the City of lakes aka Venice of the East, is home several shops both large and small dealing in a range of items from vintage artefacts to ethnic fabric.  Bhandhini clothing, leather goods, traditional jewellery are but a few best picks here. You must visit Udaipur’s Hathi Pol  Bazar for the best of miniature paintings and handicraft pieces to adorn your home. Do bargain to avail reasonable prices. Chetak Circles and Lake Palace Road also prove quite rewarding, especially for relentless shoppers. Compare prices and bargain to enjoy a price advantage.

Tourists visiting Mount Abu may not have much choices when it comes shopping for mementos, or grabbing the best deals either, but this is no way mars the pleasure of shopping here!

Travelling across Rajasthan, one may find that there is a multitude of handicraft shops both large and quaint run by the Government, private owners or social organizations. Village Women Craft in Sawai Madhopur and several other such social ventures feature handmade artefacts such as tribal rugs, paintings of wildlife, shawls, and carpets crafted by rural women. Responsible shopping can ensure that artisans are directly rewarded for their craftsmanship and improve their economic stability.

Make sure to collect some leather goods, bandhini, silver jewellery, yellow stone, spices, miniature paintings and puppets to reminisce about your visit to the land of Maharajas.

Unknown Facts About Kerala

Kerala is a paradise for travellers who find solace in nature’s bounty. A great mix of sun, sea, sand, water bodies and rich greenery plus sumptuous spread of local cuisine are bound to make your Kerala holidays an enjoyable experience. But did you know that Kerala enjoys the highest literacy rate in the entire country? Don’t let the simple lifestyle of the people persuade you into thinking otherwise.


Let’s take a look at few such lesser known facts about Kerala for you to better appreciate the land and its people during your Kerala holidays.

  • Kerala finds a mention in Green Activist and Environmentalist circles as an example of sustainable social development, given its size and population, lower infant mortality rates, lesser births and an increased life expectancy and lesser per capita income.
  • In times when female infanticide continues to plague this country, Kerala, steeped in culture, tradition, and beliefs, has a higher female-to-male ratio (1084:1000) when compared to other parts of India.
  • Interestingly, Kerala happens to be India’s first Digital State. It boasts of 100% mobile connectivity and 95% mobile coverage. Nearly 75% of the population is Internet literate with 60% enjoying internet access.
  • For a land with high literacy rates and social progress, reported crime rates, suicides, liquor consumption and unemployment rates are highest in the country.
  • Kerala is home to the longest drive-in beach in India at Muzhappilangad, which stretches along the stunning coastline for about 5.5 kms. Muzhappilangad reportedly figures among the top 6 such beaches in the world.  Remember that when you enjoy a scenic drive here!
  • Did you know that a quaint little village in Kerala with a predominant Muslim population has the highest twinning rate in the country? India incidentally has one of the lowest numbers of twin births in the entire world. Kodinhi, is home to a record 204 pairs of twins, and still going strong!
  • It is known fact that the Backwaters is one of the intriguing geographic features unique to Kerala, but you’d be surprised to know that these 900 km long interconnected waterways reach far inland allowing you to access nearly 9 of the 14 districts of this state. No wonder houseboat cruises are popular with tourists.
  • Historically, communism has been associated with coups and revolutions. However, communism thrives in Kerala. The key fact is that Kerala is the only place in the world to have a communist government elected to power.
  • Free food coupons (Sulaimani coupons) are distributed to the public across Kozhikode’s 14 zones. Irrespective of whether you’ve lost your wallet or can’t afford a decent meal, these coupons are indeed “Manna from heaven”. Don’t forget to donate to this cause when at one of the partner restaurants in this city.
  • Tantra and Blackmagic are still practised in Kerala, which is home several tantriks and mantriks who reportedly can ward off the worst spells, ghosts and mental illnesses. First time visitors to the Chotanikara Bhagavathi Amman temple must be well-prepared to witness people being healed of such problems.
  • Kerala has its own share of haunted places including the scenic forested terrains of Trichur and Lakkidi Gateway. Should you plan to visit these areas or even traverse them during the course of your Kerala holidays, make sure to do so during the daytime! It is also believed that Lord Ayyappa is constantly battling evil forces in Sabarimala.
  • Can you believe that the key villain in the great Indian epic of Mahabharatha, Sakuni, has a temple in Kerala, dedicated to his name? It stands in Pavithreswaram in Kollam and reportedly houses the throne of the master schemer. The other villain Duryodhana too receives adulation in the nearby Poruvazhy, though there is no idol.

Reasons to Visit Gangtok Today!

Whether on the land, in the air or the gurgling waters, thrill and adventure just never ceases in Gangtok! Nestled amidst the fascinating beauty of the Eastern Himalayas, this capital of Sikkim is known for its myriad offerings to the visitors. Not just this, this gorgeous city is also termed as the ‘Tourism Capital’ of the state. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s take a blissful journey through this magnificent city and know more about its tourist options!

Tashi View Point

Whether you are an adventure seekers, a leisure traveller, a solo backpacker or a culture enthusiast, you will always find something or the other in Gangtok! Starting with sightseeing around Sikkim’s capital city, there are plenty of remarkable places that needs to be witnessed and can hardly be described in words. Though the list is long enough, you must visit the Ganesh Tok or the Tashi View Point, from where you can witness the enchanting beauty of this city.

Gangtok tourism or the various Gangtok tour packages also include an array of astounding options for the thrill and adventure seekers! Those who love to feel the splashes of the fearsome waves or cruise through them, can opt for white water rafting through the grade I-IV+ rapids of the gurgling Teesta River and get their desired adrenaline dose!

Frog peeking out

As said, the city also offers several enthralling options for those who prefer to enjoy the bird’s eye view of the city or give wings to their desires of flying! Gangtok tourism is known for paragliding and ropeway cable ride. Indulge in paragliding in LuingReshithang, take the flight of your dreams and enjoy the stunning aerial views of Sikkim’s capital city. In case, you want to enjoy the same views, but in a much more relaxed way, you must visit Deorali and avail the ropeway cable car ride among all the Gangtok tour package. This ride allows you to traverse around 1km and enjoy the aerial views

Yak safaris from Gangtok to Tsomgo Lake, shopping in Mahatma Gandhi Marg, attending International Flower Festival or a visit to the Namgyal Institute of Tibetology are also among the best offerings of the Gangtok tour packages. The culture lovers to this city can visit the many different spiritual monasteries and witness the peace and tranquillity that exists in them. A visit to Natula Pass is also one of the most fascinating offerings in Gangtok tourism!

Blissful Kashmir and Its Natural Galore

Be it on the East, West, North or South, Jammu and Kashmir is one such destination that attracts visitor all-round the year! Visit this piece of heaven during the winters or the summers , it will embrace you with the same allurement and appeal!


The crown in the jewel of India, Jammu and Kashmir tour packages or Kashmir tourism introduces you to a magical world of natural wonders and mesmeric beauty. Whether you are planning your holiday with family members, friends or even with your colleagues, this gorgeous state offers you with fun-filled and exciting moments that will in turn keep you immersed with its opulent beauty and magical charm! Irrespective of the season or the reason of your visit, you will always be promised with sweet, everlasting and memorable moments in this pictorial valley of the great Himalayas!

kashmir tours


Also, be it for the nature lovers, adventure junkies, admirers of history or the leisure travelers, this is one such state that caters to the needs and requirements of every classes. While the high towering mountains clad in pearl-white snow appeal the adrenaline junkies, its bucolic beauty, evergreen charm and the warmth of tours and travels entices the other classes of travelers.

kashmir tourism

Not just Jammu and Kashmir, but its neighbouring places also play irresistible host to its visitors! On the list, there are popular tourist destinations like Srinagar, Sonamarg, Gulmarg, Pahalgam and several others. Though Srinagar being the capital of the state attracts the maximum of Jammu and Kashmir tourism, other places in the state also embraces the visitors with an open heart and truly makes it for a blissful holiday experience!

kashmir tour packages

As already said, it is a year-round destination; it is always advisable to plan a Kashmir tour either during the winters or the summers. During the winters, the state receives the maximum amount of snowfall and showcases its pristine beauty. It is during this part of the year, the entire state gets painted with the white colour of Mother Nature and attracts the adventure lovers. With the advent of the winter or the summer, Jammu and Kashmir tourism become a hotspot for the newly-wed couples and plays a lively host as one of the most popular honeymoon destinations in the country!

leh tour packages

Be it the mesmeric beauty of the state, its natural appeal, the fascinating mountain peaks, quintessential lakes, colorful gardens, playful houseboats or the myriad list of places to visit; this ever beautiful crown of India will always be a favorite hotspot for the tourists!